Moshe Har Shemesh

When an Israeli Farmer Declared War on an Algorithm

A legal war  may decide how much the public is allowed to know about the programs increasingly running our lives


Startup Feeding Frenzy: How Israeli High-tech Firms Are Scooping Up the Cash

'When interest rates are low and money is available, even startups with the business model of a pretzel cart are in demand'


Office Porn and Sexist Jokes: Israel's High-tech Women Share Their Stories

Israeli women in the industry contend with the same kinds of abuse that preserve the power structure and facilitate violence

Screwed and superfluous:

The dark side of the sharing economy

 like in any other exploitative industry, women have it harder

How Two ultra-Orthodox Men Created Israel's Most Promising Startup

They were never educated in math or English, but their website-building tech has attracted millions

The Israeli Brothers

Who Wrote the Bible

on Online Learning

eTeacher began as a portal for private tutoring and has become a virtual school with 30,000 students worldwide 

army women

The Israeli Army Boasts About Women in Tech Roles. It’s ‘Juking the Stats’

The IDF told us that 50 percent of all its technology roles were filled by women. A closer examination shows different


Four Lemons That Could

Sour Insurtech Startup Lemonade's IPO

A careful reading of Lemonade's prospectus shows innovation not only in insurance, but also in creative math


Bug in the System: How the Israeli Army Is Deterring Female Coders

 The dog-eat-dog system of Israeli army coding school isn’t structured for women to succeed

Ethiopian-Israeli Woman Makes Good in High-tech: An Unrepresentative Story

Shoshi Jambar worked her way up from cleaner to manager at an Israeli startup; she’s under no illusions, though

How This Serial Inventor's Bike Accident Gave Birth to an Innovative Start-up

Igal Kushnir was inspired to consider how ‘incurable’ wounds could be healed. He turned the family kitchen into a lab 

shai reshef.JPG

This American University University That Doubled Its Enrollment During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has driven thousand to study at University of the People. Among its students: refugees and undocumented immigrants


Israeli Startup Hibob Covered Up Sexual Harassment Complaints, Investigation Shows

Four women allege they were victims

of harassment by a senior manager at Hibob. He remains in his job, they left

ענקיות אינטרנט

The Five Global Giants That Decide the Fate of Israel’s Startups

The tech giants run accelerators, hold conferences and invest locally, but their Israeli activity comes at a price


Do you want successful kids?
Teach them coding from kindergarten

 The most useful foreign language you can learn is software language

How a Smartphone Can Turn Your Bathroom Into a Home Medical Lab

Israel’s is the first firm to get U.S. approval for a lab test by phone. Its urinalysis kits identify kidney dysfunction 

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